Mint Roofing 65 yearsBirthdays Really are for the Young
This is an exciting year for Mint Roofing (which started out in life as Dalbec Roofing). We’re turning 65, but we feel younger than ever!
The company was started in 1950 as Lester J. Dalbec Roofing & Sheet Metal. It was a small shop located in Deephaven, Minnesota, where it ran and operated until Lester’s brother-in-law, Doug, bought it in 1980. Doug and his wife, Bernice, relocated the company to Long Lake, Minnesota, and together operated and grew the company.
In 1995, their daughter, Michele, and her husband, Kevin, took the reins. Wanting to ensure a comfortable retirement for Doug and Bernice, the two worked hard to continue the growth of the company, paying particular attention to the service aspects of the business.
In 2012, they rebranded the company with a new name and look: Hello Mint Roofing! With no “Dalbec” in the mix, it was time to create a look and name for this Minnesota company that better reflected the company’s focus of getting and keeping roofs in Tiptop Condition.
We’re thrilled to be 65 and getting younger and wiser every day. Cake for everyone! And milk, too.