Name: Jeff Lahr

Years in industry: 40 years

Favorite movie? Caddy Shack

Cats or dogs? Dogs for sure!

Most proud of: My parents. They taught me how to be a person that respects people and life. Also how to be a good parent and raising my two boys.

Best piece of advice: Treat everybody like you want to be treated

If I could invent a holiday, it would be: The Minnesota Deer Hunting Holiday

Three words that describe you: Fun, caring and laidback

On Sunday mornings, you can find me: In the summer out on the deck with coffee and the Sunday paper.

Actor who would play me in a movie: John Goodin

What would your “last meal” be? Tenderloin steak, King crab and Aspargus

What hobbies are you really passionate about and why? Hunting, fishing and golf. I like the company of people and being outdoors.