approved-29149_640After completing the proper screening and vetting, Mint Roofing is now a Minnesota state-approved CPV contractor for commercial roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof replacement for the entire metro area, and much of the southern part of the state.
These contracts provide state agencies and eligible Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) members an efficient way to order goods and services without issuing a solicitation. When buying from state contracts, state agencies can order any dollar amount that the contract release allows, and they will not be limited by their individual delegations of authority.
Basically, CPV contracts lower the cost of goods to users because of the collective buying power of these various entities. Those in need of roofing services up to a certain dollar amount, can confidently use the resources of state approved contractors, saving time and creating substantial efficiencies.
It’s just one more cool way Mint Roofing can provide value through our extensive knowledge of commercial roof repairs; roof maintenance; and commercial roof replacements.
You betcha! Skol Vikings! Go Twins!…Or maybe we need to invent roofing on a stick? We’ll think on that. Until then, Minnesota, we’ve got you covered.