Mint Roofing Star Tribune articleAt Mint Roofing, we pride ourselves on making roofs last longer than average with our TopSite preventative maintenance program. 
The dedicated work of everyone at Mint Roofing has led to not just an increase in profits and customers, but more importantly, an increase in well-maintained roofs in and around the Twin Cities Metro. 
Monday, June 22, Mint Roofing was featured by Neal St. Anthony of the Star Tribune. He tells our story of how we’ve been keeping roofs in Mint condition since 1950 (formerly Dalbec Roofing), and how owners Kevin and Michele Krolczyk entered the business and increased profits nearly four times what they were in 1993. 
This success would not be possible without all the hard-working individuals at Mint Roofing. We can’t thank each of them enough for what they do to keep the business growing every single day.