Bryan Piatt of KARE 11 News recently featured Mint Roofing in his Tuesday morning segments of Bryan For Hire.
Piatt joined Mint Roofing President Kevin Krolczyk on the roof of Auburn Manor in Chaska, Minnesota Tuesday, June 2, and went to work as a new hire. He helped the commercial roof contractor with a flat roof replacement project. 
The first steps were gearing up for safety with the appropriate equipment. Next, the crew had him get a little dirty. Piatt had to cut the old rubber roof and rip it up to prepare it for the laying of new roof insulation. 
Lastly, they cut and lay the new insulation for the new roof and talk about how Mint Roofing continues to keep people dry with our preventative maintenance program, TopSite.

If you are in need of a leaky roof repair, be sure to report a roof leak to Mint Roofing so we can help keep you dry!