Dalbec Roofing has a new name and an updated look, and it’s all here to stay! Our new name “Mint Roofing” better reflects what we’re about: Getting and keeping roofs in tiptop condition since 1950.

We’re happy to reveal our new branding to our customers, and it’s important to know that while our look has changed, we’re still the same reliable, trustworthy roofing company that’s been in business in Minnesota for over 60 years.

“Changing your name after 62 years of business – especially a family business – was not a decision made lightly,” said Michele Krolczyk, Marketing Manager at Mint Roofing. “But our company has evolved so much from where it started that we felt a new name was needed to better represent who we are, what we’ve become, and set the stage for the future. We’re very excited to continue to move forward together as the Mint Roofing team.”

Though we’ve made some changes, we’re still under the same ownership,staffed by the same great people, who deliver the same great quality and service.

We’re keeping it simple by making “old” cool.

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