Winter Freeze Contest

Things may look frozen out there, but trust us…there’s a lot happening on your roof right now. Performing regular roof maintenance is like putting Chap Stick on your lips before they get dry and cracked…it’s far less painful and keeps you happier in the long run.
Over the next few months, we want to show you what’s happening up on those big, flat surfaces during these cold winter months, and how Mint Roofing’s TopSite service is aimed at protecting and preventing these problems.

Ice damming on roof

To that end, we are excited to introduce the Winter Freeze Contest, a fun way for you to LEARN, PLAY and WIN!
The Winter Freeze Contest is designed to show you the issues your roof is facing in our extreme climate, and what you can do in the spring to get it back in shape. Winners of our Winter Freeze Contest will receive 50 percent off of TopSite repairs and services for one year (up to $1,500 on a single building) and a brand new Apple iWatch! 
To enter the Winter Freeze Contest, you can call or email Mint Roofing with your information (name, company name, email and phone) and your guess for the month’s coldest temperature. If you guess the coldest temperature for February or March, you win! If there are multiple correct guesses, we will draw from the correct guesses. One guess per person allowed.
Enter today by calling 952-473-8080 or emailing!


The coldest temperature must be guessed in degrees Fahrenheit (actual temps, not windchill), and there is only one entry per person, per month allowed. Entry calls must come during business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.). Entry emails must contain the date, name, title, company name, email, phone number, building needing services, temperature guess, and month for which you are guessing.


To enter the contest for February, you must submit your guess before Feb. 1, and before March 1 for March entries. The official temperature will be determined by Weather Underground’s official daily temperature for the North Loop Station in Minneapolis, and will be posted to Mint Roofing’s Facebook page daily.


Information collected by Mint Roofing for this contest includes, but is not limited to, name, title, company, email, phone number, building needing services, and temperature guess. Winners will be called, as well as posted on the Mint Roofing website and social media following the winners’ notification.


Official temperature tracking begins at 12:01 a.m. central standard time on the first of the month and end at 11:59 p.m. central time on the last day of the month (ie. Feb. 28 and March 31).