Remembering an Amazing Lady
FullSizeRender-1Bernice Zumbusch (and husband, Doug) used to own and operate this company (then Dalbec Roofing). After a long struggle with Alzheimer’s, Bernice exited the world the way she had lived her life: Strong (understatement), feisty, brave and beautiful.
My parents owned our family roofing company from 1980-1995. Officially, she was the bookkeeper, but really the keeper of so much more that kept the office running smoothly. The sign on her desk read, “Do you want to talk to the man in charge, or the woman who knows what’s going on?”
Though she would never admit it, Bernice was good at so many things, most of them self-taught. She was amazing in the kitchen; a beautiful seamstress (sewed my sister’s wedding dress); could swing a hammer (my parents spent their 30th wedding anniversary erecting a wall in the new building they had just purchased for the company); and generally became proficient at anything she set her mind to, including running a roofing company.
She was also a devoted wife and mother to five kids; a loving grandma and great grandma; an active member of her faith community; and a loyal friend to many. She cared about their employees like they were family.
Bernice…you will be missed. Thank you for your devotion and attention to everything you took on. The world is minus one of God’s great doers.