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Carleton College Music Hall


Burton Hall @ Carleton College

This is a big, complicated project involving multiple roof systems and being done on a condensed schedule. As with every Mint project, safety is a priority, as demonstrated with TCRCA's Safety Inspection Report complimenting the crew on how organized and SAFE the job is set up.

When it comes to getting or keeping your commercial roof in tiptop condition, there is no better choice than Mint Roofing. We are a MN company that provides all types of commercial roofing services, with an eye toward helping clients get the longest possible life out of their roofs.

Our customers tell us we are different than most contractors because of our ability to consistently deliver quality work on-time and on-budget, using the best equipment and materials; make the process fun by providing superior customer service with a friendly team of people; and keep safety at the forefront of every job.

We install all types of commercial roofs (any benefit of listing these here?). Our Commercial Division has earned a reputation in the industry for its ability to handle particularly complicated commercial jobs that require creativity, innovative thinking and expertise. And our Service Division is a real standout with a team of techs specializing in repairs, service, and a Preventative Maintenance program that is the best in the industry.

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