Mint Roofs Live Longer

Every roof system will eventually develop issues, but did you know it costs half as much to prevent these problems as it does to fix them once they’ve occurred?

The best way to extend the life of your commercial roof system is by performing preventative maintenance. Mint Roofing's TopSite Preventative Maintenance program helps you do just that!

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A Heightened Level of Service - Only from Mint Roofing

Our TopSite Preventative Maintenance program offers property managers and building owners a valuable budgeting tool and helps prevent surprises that disrupt operations and cost you money. When you enroll in our program, you can expect the following returns on your roof investment:

  • Provides a window to your roof
  • Prevents costly surprises and repairs
  • Provides a budgeting tool for roof maintenance
  • Creates a complete historical record of your roof
  • Protects your investment proactively

How the TopSite Preventative Maintenance Program Works

Getting started with the program is simple:

  1. Our TopSite inspection team will conduct an initial inspection of your roof and outline next steps to address its maintenance needs. If we identify any major defects, we'll provide you with a detailed assessment and estimate for necessary repairs.
  2. We follow up with a comprehensive report using an advanced software program that generates full-color photos of each roof component. This allows you to see exactly what's going on within your roofing system and also provides a detailed history of the work and services performed.
  3. Routine inspections will be automatically tracked, scheduled, and conducted by our maintenance team on an annual to semi-annual basis to ensure your commercial roof is in tiptop condition.

Protect Your Commercial Roof with Mint Roofing

Quality roofs require routine maintenance. Don't wait too long to get the roof coverage you deserve. Contact the experts at Mint Roofing, so we can schedule an inspection and set you up for lifetime protection.Contact Mint Roofing