Mint Roofing Case Study


Mint Roofing is a long-term service provider to a multi-building suburban condominium complex. We have been working with the client for over 15 years and have developed a deep understanding of their needs and challenges. The roofs of the multi-housing condominiums had aged to the end of their life expectancy, and they needed to re-roof the entire facility.


The client operates in a highly challenging industry, and the specific problem they faced was re-roofing the entire facility. The work area was very tight, and the team had to work around a lot of people and traffic. Communicating with each individual tenant about specific needs (such as turning electricity on and off) was also a challenge.

Additionally, parking lot space was limited, particularly during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, when most people worked from home, and all parking lots were full. The client also had to deal with trees that were in the way and worked with Mint Roofing to have them removed and trimmed.

The Mint Roofing Solution

To address these challenges, Mint Roofing worked closely with the management team to provide information and daily updates to each tenant. Because of the magnitude of this project, we staggered the replacements over time, planning to replace the worst roofs to be replaced first. The schedule allowed the owner to pay for 3-5 roofs per year over 15 years. We also posted no parking signs and individual notices on doors to keep tenants aware of work that affected them. These steps helped ensure everyone was informed about the daily operations and that the work could progress smoothly.


The re-roofing project has been highly successful, with only minor tenant complaints. The management team has been accommodating in mitigating any issues directly with the tenants. The new roofs have improved the appearance of the buildings, increased the value of the property to the owners, reduced roof maintenance expenses, and give residents peace of mind, knowing that their homes are protected.


The re-roofing project was a success for the multi-building suburban condominium complex and Mint Roofing. By working closely with the management team and providing daily updates to tenants, Mint Roofing addressed the challenges posed by the tight work area and limited parking. The new roofs have transformed the appearance of the buildings and given residents peace of mind.

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