Roof goblins are a sneaky and mischievous bunch on Halloween and beyond when the weather is cooling down and the snow begins to fall, melt, freeze, and fall again. That’s when they begin to prey on top of commercial buildings. They have their eyes on your commercial roof. No treats – just tricks.
Minnesota rooftop goblins like dark places like scuppers (similar to gutters) where water backs up to places where it doesn’t belong. That backup causes the scuppers and flashing to bend and sometimes break.
Goblins also like to mess with insulation. You see, the fact that they are very small in stature makes it easy for them to crawl in and out of it or even destroy it, with the help of the rain, snow, and cold. This behavior makes your roof vulnerable to cracks and splits. Then those same goblins sit back and laugh as they watch your roof leak and cause interior damage.
Goblins don’t weigh much, but snow does and your roof isn’t structurally equipped to hold that kind of weight. On the other hand, when there isn’t much snow, the surface of your roof is exposed to the cold, creating other problems. Last winter, you probably saw news reports on collapsed roofs on commercial buildings. And, if you happened to look closely at your television, you most likely saw a roof goblin laughing and dancing on the ground by the building.
The good news is that as a Minnesota commercial roofing contractor, we’re used to dealing with roof goblins. Our technicians know how to keep an eye on them and your roof to prevent mischief and associated problems. We don’t want you to be tricked this Halloween or beyond, so take the necessary steps towards prevention. Roof goblins are known for their intelligence, but you’re a lot smarter and so are we! 
When it comes to Halloween treats, you’ll want Mint in your bag.