As a Minnesota State-Approved CPV Contractor, Mint Roofing has been vetted and approved to provide services to state agencies in the Twin Cities and regions across southern Minnesota. The commercial roofing expertise, quality and customer service that we provide qualified us for CPV approval, but it’s also how we have earned customer trust, loyalty, and countless referrals since 1950.
The business practices that built our good reputation are evidence of what’s important when choosing and building a relationship with your commercial roofing contractor.
Just as the State of Minnesota vetted us, you should do the same.
A good partnership will save you time and money because of your contractor is worth their salt; they will document and keep track of the history of your roof. They’ll know the ins and outs, so when the ups and downs happen, they’ll know what to do!
At Mint Roofing, we document everything about your roof, then monitor, maintain and make repairs when necessary. The reality is if we maintain it well, you won’t be caught off guard with costly surprise repairs.
So, before hiring a commercial roofing company, do your homework. Ask questions, check licensing and references. Don’t go for the lowest bid, if it’s not the best company.
Get a detailed estimate and ask if there are any hidden surprises that could come up. Often times, those surprises are hidden under roofing materials. Ask about who will manage your job and what you can expect and ask how they will monitor and maintain your roof.
This line of questioning is a just a sampling of what we experienced within the CPV Contractor approval process. Protect your investment. Do your homework and choose the right professional to care for your roof now and in the future.