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When you start working at a new company, you don’t know what to expect. Sure, you’ve done your research. You know it’s a family-owned and operated business, you’re impressed by their safety record, and to top it off, the scuttlebutt in the industry is nothing but complimentary.
You’re convinced you’re in the know, but trust me – you still don’t know.
To help you get a deeper understanding of what I’m talking about, allow me to explain what I’ve learned in my first week working for Mint Roofing.
1) Clients are the top priority. Always.
“Well, sure, all companies prioritize their clients.” To some extent, sure.
During my first day at Mint, I spent time with a variety of employees understanding their organizational processes. When I went home, there was no question in my mind of how Mint values their employees.
After every service call, clients are asked to complete a survey of their experience with Mint Roofing. Results are quickly tabulated to ensure that Mint is providing the best possible customer service. If a client isn’t happy, Mint makes it right. Period.
Mint Roofing is family-owned and operated and has been since 1950. A company can’t have sustained that kind of success without ensuring their clients are indispensable.
2) Back to school
Odds are, you didn’t walk into your first class of high school and know the material better than your teacher. Over time though, your teacher educated, tested, and shaped your knowledge.
It would be easy for one of Mint’s inspectors to simply hand a list of roofing deficiencies to a client. Instead, our team focuses on educating each client on his or her roofing system. Once a client understands their roof and issues that need to be addressed, they’re able to make the best possible decision. Proactive participation in preventative maintenance programs (like TopSite) allows our clients to continue educating themselves about their valuable asset.
3) Relationships matter
If you viewed every organization’s website or social media posts, you would tend to believe each company cares deeply about long-lasting relationships with clients, vendors, and employees. Truth is, not every commercial roofing company values it as highly as they claim they do.
Here’s an example that may help you put it into perspective: Think of it this way: you wouldn’t want to go to a different doctor every time you have a checkup. Sure, the doctor would take your vitals in the same way, but they wouldn’t understand your medical history like your primary physician.
A roof is the same way. Without having a detailed history of its condition or any previous repairs, protecting the roof becomes more difficult and confusing.  A truly committed and trusted roofing company will help answer all questions and address all concerns. That’s what Mint does.
I know that Mint Roofing is in this for the long haul and I’m glad I made the educated decision to
work for them.