Commercial Roof Snow Removal: What you need to know

January 18, 2022

Prevent snow buildup on your building with Mint Roofing’s commercial roof snow removal services It’s that time of year again when we get to enjoy the beauty of winter and all the joys it brings. Unfortunately, commercial flat roofs in Minnesota are not immune to snow buildup during this season. This can cause leaks and … Read More

Commercial Roof Management: The Benefits of Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

January 6, 2022

Commercial Roof Management can save your organization time and money. Commercial roof management is critical for commercial building owners, property managers, and facility managers. This blog post will discuss the cost benefits of maintaining your commercial roof to extend its life and postpone an expensive commercial roof repair. Commercial roofs are expensive to replace. Replacing … Read More

6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Commercial Roof This Winter (2022)

December 28, 2021

Commercial roof maintenance during the winter months This time of year can be problematic for your commercial roof. Snow and ice accumulation, freezing and thawing temperatures, and the potential for leaks all make it essential to maintain your commercial roof this winter. Luckily, you can take some simple steps to protect your commercial roof from … Read More

Santa and His Reindeer – How to Prepare Your Commercial Roof

December 21, 2021

Make sure your commercial roof is ready for Santa with these tips… Have you ever wondered what to do if Santa and his reindeer visit your building and the potential for the damage they could cause to your commercial roof? If Santa was coming to visit your house, there would be no need for concern. … Read More

What is meant by commercial roofing, and how does it differ from residential roofing?

December 14, 2021

What is Commercial Roofing? Commercial roofing refers to the installation of commercial roofs for businesses, warehouses, and other large commercial structures. A commercial roof provides protection from the elements like snow and rain for the contents and occupants of the business inside. A sound roof is critical to a business’ operation, as even minor leaks … Read More

7 Signs it might be time to replace your commercial roof

December 7, 2021

Will you know when it’s time to replace your commercial roof?  How are you supposed to know when the time has come to replace your commercial roof? Since your building is often your most valuable asset, it’s critical to preserve it.  Protecting the contents of your building from leaks is the primary function of a … Read More

Commercial Roof Flashing 101: The Basics

November 30, 2021

What is commercial roof flashing, and do I need to know about it? When a roofing company is in the process of building a new commercial structure, one of the most critical components to consider is flashing. Flashing refers to the materials used to seal around edges, corners, and roof penetration that protect against water … Read More

Budgeting for a new commercial roof: Top 10 Tips

November 23, 2021

What you need to know about budgeting for a new commercial roof Because your commercial building’s flat roof has value and is one of the most significant capital expenditures you’ve made, it’s critical that it’s installed correctly, maintained, and inspected on a regular basis. These three factors will ensure that your investment is protected for … Read More

Busting Commercial Roofing Myths

November 16, 2021

Every industry has its own folklore and has to deal with myths, misunderstandings, and misinformation. The commercial roofing industry is no different. This blog post lists some of the most common commercial roofing myths that we hear. Myth #1: My roof is new, so there’s nothing to worry about. Sigh. If only that were true. … Read More

Can solar panels damage my commercial roof?

November 9, 2021

Can solar panels damage my commercial roof? As the cost of electricity increases, many companies are looking for new ways to generate affordable power. Solar panels offer an attractive option because they require minimal maintenance and can be easily installed on the rooftops of most commercial buildings. However, it is important to consider whether or … Read More

Avoid These 5 Common Commercial Roofing Maintenance Mistakes

November 2, 2021

5 Common Commercial Roofing Maintenance Mistakes Many commercial roofing maintenance mistakes are not all that difficult to avoid. With some basic knowledge and understanding, you can keep your business free from costly repairs and downtime. There are many simple things that you can do to ensure your commercial roof’s longevity, keeping it healthy and strong … Read More

How condensation can mimic commercial roof leaks

October 19, 2021

It might not be a leak – it might be condensation Fall is here and our average daily temperatures are starting to drop. When the weather turns cold we tend to see an increase in leak reports. But sometimes what appears to be a commercial roof leak is not a leak at all. If your … Read More

Finding the best commercial roofing contractor in Minnesota; 7 things to consider

October 12, 2021

How do you find the best commercial roofing contractor for your project? You’ve budgeted for a significant commercial roof project, and you’re ready to start researching contractors and requesting bids. How can you be sure you’ve found the best commercial roofing contractor in Minnesota for your project? In this blog, we’ll give you seven key things … Read More

Why is proactive commercial roofing management important?

October 5, 2021

How does proactive commercial roofing management benefit facility managers? REDUCES REPAIR COSTS OVER TIME In previous blogs, we’ve discussed conditions that can damage your roof. In almost every example, making repairs when roof damage is minimal helps prevent more costly repairs down the road.  Routine inspections and regular upkeep help eliminate both major repairs and … Read More

Selecting a Commercial Roofing Contractor

September 28, 2021

Commercial roofs can be one of the most expensive construction components on any building (but also one of the most important since it protects all that is housed within). Although tempting to simply take the low bid, there are other questions you should be asking. Let’s walk through some steps that will show you how … Read More

Commercial Roofing Cost: What drives pricing?

September 21, 2021

Commercial Roofing Cost: What drives pricing? One of the most common questions we get asked is, “How much will it cost to install/replace my commercial roof?” The answer has become more difficult than ever to answer – especially in the last year or so. Let’s look at what impacts commercial roofing costs. Market Volatility The … Read More

How to prepare your commercial roof for Winter

September 14, 2021

How to prepare your commercial roof for Winter If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll recall that the first episode was titled “Winter Is Coming.” Much of the first season focused on preparation for a long cold winter. Well, Winter IS coming, and we’ve put together a few things you can do to prepare … Read More

How are supply shortages affecting the commercial roofing industry?

September 7, 2021

How are supply shortages affecting the commercial roofing industry and how does it impact you? Supply shortages are everywhere. From cars to building materials to labor, almost every industry faces shortages due to the economic disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic and many other unforeseen events such as fires, hurricanes, unexpected freezing, and even canal closures. … Read More

Commercial Roofing Types: What is most common in Minnesota?

August 31, 2021

What are the main types of commercial roof systems used in Minnesota? What types of commercial roofs are most commonly found protecting Minnesota’s commercial buildings? In this blog, we’ll explore the types of roofs commonly used to keep our buildings dry. Minnesotans have bragging rights when it comes to extreme climate. With 140-degree temperature swings … Read More

My Commercial Roof Is Leaking: Who should I call first?

August 24, 2021

My Commercial Roof Is Leaking: Who should I call first? It’s easy to ignore the roof on your commercial building during a historic drought. But what do you do if you suddenly find your commercial roof is leaking after a heavy downpour? Who should you call first? While this may be the first time you’ve … Read More

How to select the best commercial roofing contractor

August 17, 2021

How to select the best commercial roofing contractor for your commercial building Deciding on the best commercial roofing contractor for your flat roof project can be a confusing and daunting task. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you find the best fit for your commercial roof installation, maintenance, or repair project. Do … Read More

How does a flat commercial roof drain?

August 10, 2021

How Does a Flat Commercial Roof Drain? Flat commercial roofs require a functional drainage system to protect the interior of the building from water damage. Your commercial roof may incorporate one of several different types of drainage systems, some using more than one. Is my roof really flat? While your roof may be considered a … Read More

What Are the Leading Causes of Commercial Roof Damage?

August 3, 2021

What Are the Leading Causes of Commercial Roof Damage? Being aware of the causes of commercial roof damage can help prevent the expense and business disruption of a damaged, leaky roof. If you are a building owner, Property Manager, or Facilities Manager, chances are you have had to deal with a leaky roof at some … Read More

Commercial Roof Replacement: What to expect

July 27, 2021

Commercial Roof Replacement: What to expect So you’ve decided to replace your commercial roof, and you have lots of questions: How long will it take? How will it disrupt my business? Will it be a messy process? Is it noisy? Let’s take a look at what you can expect during your commercial roof replacement project. … Read More