Common misunderstandings can lead to a false sense of security.
myths vs factsMyth #1: My roof is new, so there’s nothing to worry about.
Sigh. If only that were true. Your roof is not protected by a bubble, and from the minute it’s installed, it’s doing a tough job. New or not, there will likely be some amount of foot traffic or debris from the surrounding area. It’s not fragile, but it is susceptible to various elements. An annual preventative maintenance check is still your best bet to keep problems at bay and protect your investment.
Myth #2: My roof is under warranty, so I’m covered.
Read the fine print of any warranty. It will tell you that warranties are only valid if you can demonstrate regular preventative maintenance. Just like a car needs regular oil changes to keep it in working order, your roof needs regular inspections for the same reason.
Myth #3: We’ve never had a leak, so everything must be fine.
This “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” approach may work for a while, but many roof problems can be silently festering issues. And when they do finally make their appearance known, the damage done is often much more extensive had it been realized earlier.
Myth #4: It was a light winter, so I can probably skip my inspection this year.
Like so many things, everything in moderation…including snow. Too much snow can be a problem; and not enough snow leaves your roof completely exposed to the extreme cold. With no blanket of insulation, your roof actually faces harsher conditions. Brrrrr!
Bottom line: Performing regular inspections is NEVER a bad idea to get the best performance out of your roof.