As the cost of electricity increases, many companies are looking for new ways to generate affordable power. Solar panels offer an attractive option because they require minimal maintenance and can be easily installed on the rooftops of most commercial buildings. However, it is important to consider whether or not solar panels can damage your commercial roof before installing them. So, can solar panels damage my commercial roof?

Here are some points that you should think about when deciding if solar panels are suitable for your commercial building:

Why solar panels? Why now?

Solar panels have many benefits for commercial buildings. In addition to their eco-friendly benefits, solar panels can lower a business’ utility expenses and may even increase the building’s value.

A recent article published by PR Newswire states, “One of the key benefits of solar power for commercial buildings is its cost-effectiveness. With retail electricity rates at record levels, it is now more attractive than ever for businesses to switch to solar power. In addition, federal and local governments offer financial incentives and tax breaks to businesses and nonprofits that use solar energy, promoting it as an attractive energy option.”

Solar panels have been around for years and have been slow to gain acceptance due to the expense and the length of time it takes to recoup the cost of installation. As the technology becomes more affordable and readily available, it is becoming more attractive for both business and residential use.  

Installing solar collectors may qualify your business for tax incentives as a renewable energy source. Federal, state, and local tax landscapes are constantly in flux, and incentives can change several times in a year. It is essential to consult with your tax professional to help you get the maximum tax benefit.

Depending on your location, your business may also be eligible for rebates from your electric utility when installing solar panels.

Things to consider before installing solar panels on your commercial building’s roof.

While solar panels are often located on the ground, rooftop installations have many benefits. When mounted on roofs, collector panels are kept out of sight and do not occupy precious ground space on your building’s grounds. Solar panels are also less susceptible to vandalism when placed out of reach on your roof.

Some roofing professionals have concerns about installing solar panel systems on commercial buildings – specifically that they could damage or reduce the roof’s lifespan.

Solar panel installation should not compromise your roof’s integrity with good planning and coordination with your commercial roofing maintenance partner.

Solar panels can be installed on new or old roofs, but the condition of your roof will determine if it’s a good fit. If you’re unsure about your roof’s integrity and strength, get in touch with our commercial roofing professionals to inspect and evaluate your roof.

Questions to ask:

  • How much will the equipment weigh?
  • Does my roof need to be reinforced to accommodate the added weight?
  • How will the panels be secured to the roof?
  • Will the mounting increase the likelihood that my commercial roof will develop leaks in the future?
  • Will the increased foot traffic on my roof cause damage?
  • Do I need to notify my insurance company before the installation begins?


With so many benefits of installing solar panels on the roof of your commercial building, we expect more and more businesses to be adding solar technology to their energy plans.

There is a lot of care that goes into the installation process. With good planning and consultation from a roofing professional like Mint Roofing, you can be confident that your solar panel installation will not compromise the integrity of your roof. We’re here to help you decide what’s best for your business and the potential impact on your commercial roof.

When you’re ready to consider solar – give the commercial roofing experts at Mint Roofing a call at 952-473-8080!


Q: Can solar panels damage my commercial roof?

A: While there are concerns about potential damage to a commercial roof during the installation of solar panels, proper planning and coordination with a roofing professional can minimize any risks.

Q: Will installing solar panels on my commercial roof affect its lifespan?

A: With good planning and coordination, solar panel installations should not compromise the integrity or lifespan of your commercial roof.

Q: Are there any financial incentives for installing solar panels on my commercial building?

A: Yes, both federal and local governments offer tax incentives and rebates for businesses that use solar energy as a renewable source of power. Consult with your tax professional to maximize these benefits.

Q: Do I need to notify my insurance company before installing solar panels on my commercial roof?

A: Yes, it is important to notify your insurance company before making any changes or modifications to your commercial building’s roof. They may have specific requirements for solar panel installations that need to be met in order for coverage to remain intact.

Q: Can solar panels be installed on any type of roof?

A: Solar panels can typically be installed on most types of roofs; however, it is important to have your roof inspected by a professional to ensure it can accommodate the added weight and installation process.

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