Ponding on roofWith more than 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, the last place you want to find one is on your roof. But that’s exactly what can happen if water can’t drain properly!
Whether it’s snowmelt or a heavy rain, water has to go somewhere. Commercial roofs use drains to remove water from the roof. But if those drains get clogged, and the water has nowhere to go, it backs up and forms a pond on your roof.
Not only is the weight of that water a concern, but the water will also start finding its way into places it doesn’t belong creating even more problems. 
Drains clog for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it’s from ice, but often it’s from debris like leaves or garbage. With every rain or melt, water washes anything in its path towards the drain, leaving it susceptible to clogging. One little clogged roof drain can cause major damage. 
Solution? Regular preventative maintenance checks will find clogged drains…or even the debris that gets washed into them. It’s small thing that can prevent big headaches.
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