Roof condensation repairsWe get calls on a regular basis to come and fix what appears to be a leak on a roof. But sometimes it turns out to be a condensation problem. It’s like the roof is sweating, and that water then drips inside the building (which is why people often assume they have a leak).
Condensation occurs when the warm air of a building hits the cold air of a roof and moisture becomes trapped between the roof and insulation, or around roof components that exhaust heat. This can be the result of poor roof installation, or just aging materials. 
The roof damage from condensation can be very similar to that of a roof leak: wet insulation; damaged ceilings or ceiling tiles; and other interior damage if it’s bad enough. 
Regular rooftop inspections can help identify these potential problem areas. Proper ventilation or other corrective measures can often take care of the problem. But again…the key is to discover the issue before it causes other internal damage (the really costly repairs!).