Our inspectors are out almost every day inspecting roofs all over Minnesota, and they see lots of interesting things going on. So what are the issues they see most often? Well, we don’t want the suspense to kill you, so read on!
This summer’s Top 10 List of Roof Issues (with pictures to boot!):
1) Clogged drain screens
clogged roof drains
2) Vegetation on roof
vegetation on roof
3) Open flashing
Open flashing on roof
4) Holes
5) Splits in hot roofs
6) Hose rub on rubber curb corners
hose rub on rubber curb corners
7) Bridging rubber flashing
8) Tree over growth
roof tree overgrowth
9) Bare spots with no rock
10) HVAC coil hail damage
hvac coil hail damage on roof