minnesota roofing contractor Imagine if every time you went to the dentist, you had to start from scratch. Sure, sure…they have your file from the “other” dentist, but they still want to do their own base level examination, complete with X-rays, just so they have a true understanding of your situation and any issues that may need to be addressed.
Imagine if every time you went out, you left your kids with a new babysitter. The babysitter has tons of experience, but they don’t know the particulars of your kids. They don’t know that Johnny needs to be read two books; wear his red, not blue, pajamas; and sleep with the dresser light on…not the closet light! And for Pete’s sake, don’t forget the blanket…the checkered one, not the striped one!
Imagine if every time you got your haircut, styled or colored, you had a new stylist. Super capable, but they don’t know the ins and outs of your hair (the funky colic in the back, the angle of your part, how short you like your bangs, etc.). It’s right up there with going on a blind date! It could go really well, or it could be a disaster.
The point is that there is value in creating trusting relationships. Having people and processes that are familiar and comfortable. Silly as it may sound, commercial roofing is certainly no different.
Engaging a quality roofing contractor to care for a roof over time saves money, headaches and hassles. If you had to call a different contractor every time there was a leak, you put someone new on the roof every time who has no idea about the roof’s history or its nuances (that corner always needs to be checked because there’s a drain over that often gets plugged with debris).
Here at Mint Roofing, we have a system that captures every piece of information about your roof. Every time it is touched, it is recorded. There are drawings and photos of issues, the repairs made, and who made them. It gives us the ability to provide the absolute best service with the least amount of hassle and cost to you.
Sound better than a blind date? We think so, too.