The how-to and benefits of hiring a Minnesota State-Approved CPV Contractor

Before you begin the process of contracting a commercial roofing company, you may want to take note of an efficient way to obtain services without issuing a solicitation.

Minnesota State-Approved Cooperative Purchasing Vendor (CPV) contracts lower the cost of goods to users because of the collective buying power. Those in need of services can confidently use state approved contractors, saving time and money.

As a Minnesota State-Approved CPV Contractor, Mint Roofing is certified to provide commercial roof repairs, maintenance and replacement up to $75,000 for the entire metro area, and much of Minnesota.

Here are some facts about CPV

Who is Eligible?

  1. School districts, colleges and universities, cities, counties, townships, fire departments, watershed districts and many non-profit organizations.

How does it work?

  1. Membership is free and it’s easy to apply. Simply sign up for a password, giving you easy access to contract information through the Materials Management Divisions website:
  2. Orders are placed directly with the vendor.
  3. Email notifications with important contract information can be distributed upon request and you receive prompt, efficient member support.

Benefits of CPV Program

  1. Reduce or eliminate research time and product/service selection.
  2. Eliminate the time and expense required to award, process and maintain a contract.
  3. Reduce your administrative staff time and effort.
  4. Be confidence knowing your purchases will meet strict standards.
  5. Receive significant savings through the CPV program!

More information, including an application form, is available at