Foot tracks in snowOne of the leading causes of roof punctures is foot traffic. That’s right…foot traffic. In the case of commercial roofs, the rooftop is often where mechanical units are housed. This means that other service technicians performing repairs and maintenance on these units are walking around on the rooftop. As careful as they might be (or not be), it always presents a risk.
Some roofs have roof walkways to help get people from point A to point B and minimize the impact to the roof. But it’s not always feasible to stick to the path. It’s also not uncommon for some of the tools they use to get dropped and cause a puncture (sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re working on a roof membrane!). 
During routine preventative maintenance, areas around mechanical units are closely checked, as well as access points (like a roof hatch) where traffic tends to be the highest. 
So let us know if you have a Bigfoot sighting…we can help make sure he was behaving himself.