Battle of the Bids Makes for Some Interesting Sleuthing
96418952Most everyone we know is pretty thrifty when it comes to spending money…especially when it’s on something substantial like a new roof. So the natural reaction is to start getting quotes to answer the big question of “what’s it going to cost?”
The problem with this approach is that you may find yourself not just trying to compare apples to oranges; but apples to…bratwurst, and possibly be tempted to take the low bid rather than the best bid.
So before you start gathering prices, ask some questions:
  1. Is this a building that’s a long-term investment? Or are there plans to sell soon?
  2. Does the old roof really need to be replaced, or could it last longer with some proper preventative maintenance?
  3. Do I need to involve an architect or roof consultant? Sometimes that makes sense, but many times an experienced commercial contractor can assess the situation and provide options and solutions without the added cost.
  4. What kinds of roof systems are out there and which one will work best for the situation? Is this a roof with a lot of foot traffic? Will it house a lot of mechanical units or solar panels?
  5. Which contractors should I get prices from? What are their reputations and areas of specialty? Who can I best build a relationship with so my investment is protected for years to come? Because even though every roof should come with a warranty (be sure to read the fine print), ongoing preventative maintenance is crucial.
Start there. And then when you are ready to get prices, you’ll be better positioned to choose the best bid…and that’s a whole other set of questions!