mint roofing integritySometimes it just doesn’t take that much to make us happy, or even exceedingly happy. Like when the guy at the farmer’s market throws in an extra cob of corn (sometimes two!), you feel like you won the lottery. Score!
Or when the teller at the drive through window includes a doggie treat for your panting pooch in the back seat. It makes you feel special (not to mention the dog!).
How about finding a chocolate or mint on your pillow at the hotel where you’re staying? Someone just ended your day on a high note with one simple gesture.
This basic principle applies to any business, including commercial roofing. When we send a team up on a roof to fix a problem, we don’t just stop there. We go through a 15-point Service List every time.
“The List” includes things like:
   – Cleaning drain baskets and gutters
   – Visually inspecting the roof for other defects
   – Checking skylights and domes and frames for defects
   – Replacing missing gravel
   – Marking repairs on roof plans for historical records
Why? Because we want our customers to know that we’ve got their back. We want to deliver superior customer service. Also, because one of our four core values is INTEGRITY, and every roof we touch has our name on it.
And…we just want to make our customers happy.