No one wants to get an “F”, especially on his or her roof. Cheer up…we’ve got study notes for you.
Sealant issues
It’s time to get schooled on Sealant Failures. First, it helps to understand that sealants are used in a variety of ways on a roof. Sometimes they’re used more like caulking to fill space between metal components or flashings; or like glue to seal in a roof drain or adhere a membrane to a surface. 
Over time, even the highest quality sealants can crack or shrink away. Have you ever noticed in your own shower how the caulking can start to deteriorate or pull away from the wall? Same thing.
Add in extreme weather conditions, and you can start to imagine the gaps and cracks that can begin to happen on a commercial roof’s componentry. Once those occur, it’s back to concerns about moisture. And water can travel a l-o-n-g ways.
Fear not! Regular checks can help protect and prevent these travesties, and keep your commercial roof in A+ condition!