So you’ve reached the point where it’s time to replace the roof on your commercial building. Hopefully, you’ve planned ahead, and your budget is set.

If you’ve already built a relationship with a trusted roofing contractor, you’re one step ahead. Either way, here are five tips to help you select the best commercial roofing contractor for your project.

1. Find a contractor who has been around longer than the life of your roof.

They will have the best knowledge and experience and are most likely to stand behind their work. Look for a company that has been in business for at least 10 years, if not longer.

Not only does this demonstrate stability and longevity in the industry, but it also means they have likely accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise over the years.

Roofing technology is constantly evolving, so a contractor who has been around for a while will be well-versed in the latest techniques and materials.

2. Invest in the Best.

Buy a quality product and maintain it instead of buying a cheap product and replacing it more often. It’s best to look at long-term value over initial price, with a vision for 20-25 years down the road.

Paying a little more upfront for quality and craftsmanship will save you the most money over time. And remember to ask about their maintenance program and annual inspections!

3. You get what you pay for.

If you’re getting a new roof that includes a tear-off and you get a bid that seems too good to be true, trust your instincts. Beware and question the accuracy of the price.

If a contractor’s prices are that low, you may receive change orders throughout the project, or shortcuts may occur somewhere. Always ask for a detailed breakdown of the bid, and make sure all items are accounted for.

4. Form a long-term relationship with a roofing contractor.

This is advice worth repeating. A trusted roofing company and the professionals within will be the eyes on your roof for inspection and maintenance. Their attentiveness will save you time and money in the long run, and your records and history will be all in one place.

Plus, forming a good relationship with your contractor means you will have someone to rely on for future roofing needs or emergencies.

5. Look for a Minnesota State-Approved CPV Contractor (for city, state, county agencies, schools, or non-profits).

It will save you time in the bidding process and money because it lowers the cost of goods due to collective buying power. You can confidently use state-approved contractors.

Be Smart With Your Investment

Be an educated and smart shopper, willing to invest in quality now to save you money down the road. Your commercial roof is one of your biggest and most important capital investments, so choose wisely.

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Q: How can I ensure I choose the right commercial roofing contractor?

A: Look for contractors with at least a decade of experience, indicating stability and expertise in the field. Seasoned contractors often possess in-depth knowledge of evolving roofing technologies, ensuring reliable workmanship.

Q: Is it better to invest in a higher-priced roofing product?

A: Opting for quality over cost-cutting measures is advisable for long-term savings. Investing upfront in superior materials and workmanship generally translates to reduced maintenance and replacement expenses over a 20-25 year period.

Q: How do I evaluate the accuracy of roofing bids?

A: If a bid appears unusually low, exercise caution. Cheap bids might lead to hidden costs or compromised quality during the project. Request a detailed breakdown of the bid to ensure all components and costs are transparently accounted for.

Q: Why is forming a long-term relationship with a roofing contractor important?

A: Building rapport with a trusted contractor fosters regular roof inspections and maintenance. This proactive approach saves time and money while ensuring a comprehensive roofing history and reliable assistance during emergencies or future needs.

Q: Why should I consider hiring a Minnesota State-Approved CPV Contractor?

A: Utilizing state-approved contractors streamlines the bidding process and reduces costs by leveraging collective buying power. This certification offers assurance and efficiency, particularly for city, state, county agencies, schools, or non-profits in Minnesota.