Make sure your commercial roof is ready for Santa with these tips…

Have you ever wondered if a visit by Santa and his reindeer could cause damage to your commercial roof? If Santa was coming to visit your house, there would be no need for concern. But, when they visit your business, you must take some precautions before the big guy’s arrival. It’s not just about keeping him out of sight either – roofs can sustain a lot of damage from reindeer-drawn sleighs! Let’s make sure your commercial roof is ready for Santa!

Santa and his reindeer are coming to town!

Don’t panic! A visit by Santa is inevitable. You simply need to prepare for his arrival and the impact of his sleigh and reindeer on your commercial roof.

First, make sure your roofing system is ready for the big guy and his sleigh pulled by a crack team of not-so-tiny flying reindeer. Santa is also bringing one heck of a lot of gifts! Make sure your commercial roof can handle the weight before they arrive. While most commercial roofs are designed to withstand occasional foot traffic, most architects neglect to factor in weight loads of this magnitude.

While it may be too late to prepare your roof structurally to accommodate the added load in time for Christmas Eve, there are measures you can take to limit the potential for damage.

Before Santa arrives . . .

  • Keep your roof cleared of snow. The weight of snow combined with the weight of Santa, his sleigh, the reindeer, and all of the presents can simply be too much. The helpful elves at Mint Roofing can clear snow from your roof to minimize the impact of the added weight.
  • Make sure that any chimneys are not blocked and that the flashing around them is not damaged. According to the North Pole Chamber of Commerce, chimney leaks are the #1 reason Santa skips a home or commercial building. When his suit gets wet, it freezes, making Santa drop his “Ho-ho-ho,” replacing it with his bad words. Yes, Santa has bad words.
  • If you aren’t confident that your roof can handle the weight of Santa’s sleigh or there just isn’t a lot of open landing space – consider spelling out “NO SANTA” in Christmas lights on your roof. Letters should be 36″ tall or more. Multi-color C9 bulbs are the most effective in all types of winter weather.
  • It would be wise not to go onto your rooftop after dark on Christmas Eve unless absolutely necessary; even then, use caution when doing so! Reindeer are not known for their accuracy.
  • If your building is large, we recommend leaving treats for Santa and his reindeer in a well-lit location. Even the slightest reduction in time spent on each roof keeps Santa jolly.
  • Keep in mind that Santa starts in Australia, so he may be cramping up by the time he gets to Minnesota. Potassium-rich bananas and Gatorade are the best treats to leave out in our part of the world.

And after Christmas is over . . .

  • Do a quick walk-around on your roof to remove any half-eaten cookies, carrots, or other debris left behind by Santa, especially surprises left by his reindeer.
  • Look for signs of damage to roof flashing and the roof membrane itself.
  • Check the interior of your building for any signs of leaks caused by melting snow entering through hidden sleigh damage.
  • Have Mint Roofing inspect your roof for damage after December 25th. The most common repairs we see are sleigh runner and hoof damage.
  • Call Mint Roofing for 24/7 snow and ice removal services after a heavy snowfall or freeze-thaw conditions.
  • And finally, consider investing in our TopSite Preventative Maintenance Program to keep your roof in Tip-Top condition for next year. It’s the gift that keeps giving the whole year.

We realize what a busy time of year the holiday season is. With a bit of advance planning, you can be confident that your commercial roof is ready for anything, even a flying reindeer-drawn sleigh filled with cargo. We’ve got you covered!

Our very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season from everyone on the Mint Roofing team!

FAQs for Santa’s Visit to Your Commercial Roof

Q: Could Santa and his reindeer really damage my commercial roof?

A: Absolutely! While Santa’s visit is all about spreading joy, his sleigh and reindeer can pack quite a punch on your roof. The weight of the sleigh, the team of reindeer, and the load of presents can stress your roof, potentially causing damage.

Q: How can I prepare my roof for Santa’s arrival without structural changes?

A: Before Santa’s grand entrance, clear your roof of snow. Excessive snow combined with Santa’s entourage can be too heavy. Consider hiring experts like Mint Roofing to help clear snow and minimize added weight.

Q: What’s the best way to signal “No Santa” landing zone on my roof?

A: Spell out “NO SANTA” in giant Christmas lights (36″ tall letters) if your roof can’t accommodate the sleigh. Multicolored C9 bulbs work wonders, ensuring Santa gets the message amidst winter weather.

Q: Any tips for keeping Santa and his reindeer safe during their visit?

A: Avoid venturing onto the roof on Christmas Eve, especially after dark. Reindeer aren’t known for their pinpoint accuracy! Also, leave treats in a well-lit area to speed up Santa’s visit.

Q: What should I do after Santa’s departure?

A: Check for leftover cookies, half-eaten carrots, and debris on your roof. Look for signs of damage to roof flashing and membranes. Also, inspect the interior for leaks caused by hidden sleigh damage. And don’t forget to call Mint Roofing for a post-Christmas roof inspection!

Remember, a little precaution goes a long way in ensuring Santa’s visit doesn’t leave your roof in a fix! For more roofing care tips, contact Mint Roofing at (952) 473-8080.


Have questions about how to care for your commercial building’s roof? Give us a call at (952) 473-8080 or email us today and let’s make sure your roof is in tip-top condition today and all year round!


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