4 Reasons you would consider roof replacement on your church or school.

Eyes on your roof prevents raindrops on your head. Even as a place of faith or education, you can’t count on divine intervention or expect the golden rule to work with mother nature. While preventative maintenance can go a long way, there comes a time when roof replacement is in order.

At Mint Roofing, Tim the Roofer is known for educating customers on roof care and maintenance and he steps in to help determine whether it’s time for a new roof. According to Tim, there are 4 reasons to consider roof replacement on your church or school:

1.   The obvious – your roof is leaking and the effectiveness of maintenance has run out.

2.   If your roof is 25 plus years old, you may want to consider replacing it.

3.   If you need a repair and receive a bid that is 8% or more of the cost to re-roof, it’s most cost efficient to install a new roof.

4.   If you are looking to increase energy efficiency and save money, a new roof can help. New insulation can increase energy savings. 

Our job is to help you maintain, troubleshoot and anticipate roof problems before they happen…but no roof lasts forever. Knowing that you are good stewards of your congregation and school district funds, when a new roof is necessary, invest wisely.  Choosing quality materials and installation over the lowest bid results in longevity and savings throughout the life of your roof.