commercial roof inspection6 a.m. – Inspectors arrive at the shop. After completing estimates and reports from the previous day’s TopSite inspections, they review the new work orders and the day’s “hit list.”
7:20 a.m. – First roof: a small one story building in Milaca, Minnesota. 
No matter the size, the process is the same: Walk the perimeter of the roof to check for damages; move to the middle and check all penetrations (curbs, HVAC units, plumbing stacks, solar panels, sky lights, etc.); photograph all findings; make notes on the roof plan/map; and note solutions to problem areas. All of this info will get entered into a comprehensive report and online system for the customer to see and review.
10 a.m. – On to a large medical facility in Maple grove with an EPDM (rubber) roof to conduct a thorough inspection. This time the customer is present, so the inspector takes time to review some of the findings that will be included in the full report. Inspectors love the opportunity to TEACH people about their roof and what’s going on up there. That way, owners and managers can make the best and most informed decisions.
12:30 p.m. – No rest for the weary. On to a building in downtown Minneapolis across from the Foshay tower. This roof is a built-up roof (asphalt) that also provides some great views of life in the big city.
3 p.m. – Last stop at another large complex, this one with a combination TPO and green roof. In addition to the usual routine inspection, the green garden areas are also checked for any damages to the soil structure or interruption in plant life. More photos; more notes.
Back at the shop, all of the photos and information are downloaded into a sophisticated roofing program that will house and track all the information. In addition to a complete report on the status of the roof, the information will create a historical record of all work performed on these buildings, and provide projections for future, ongoing care to keep each roof in TipTop Condition!
Inspector goes home…tired.