It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.
HEARTAdmittedly it’s not the most glamorous of industries, but when you’re full of passion about what you do (Mint Roofing Core Value No. 1), roofing (as seen through the eyes of the beholder) is the greatest profession ever. Just ask our team…
Tim: I love talking to new and different people, hearing their story, and helping them with their needs. I love to be outside, high up overlooking the world.
Tristan: I love spotting the little details that most others overlook. I like knowing I’m ensuring people’s investments. Our attention to detail is one of the things that separates us from other roofing companies.
Tony: I love roofing because of its complicated nature from install through the life of the roof. It’s fun to figure out the right product or application for each specific job. Roofing is a big unknown for most people, and helping them out is rewarding.
Jenni: I love building relationships with customers and providing excellent service when they are in need.  Nobody is ever “happy” about having a roof issue, but when we can resolve the problem and make the customer happy, it makes my job rewarding.
Sean: It’s building long-term relationships and solving problems for our customers, because commercial roofing isn’t something they usually know a lot about. Taking care of needs is where I’m passionate.
Jeff: It’s a good mix of field work and office work; no two days are the same. I like meeting people from general contractors to building owners, and coming up with solutions for different roof issues. I like to look at small projects all the way up to large projects (some as big as a football field), or a single story building to the top of the IDS.
Josh: I love the challenges and unique situations we encounter everyday, and working collaboratively to remedy the situations in the best way possible. And I love the people we encounter along the way, from the roofers and sheet metal workers, to the project managers and owners.
Kate: My favorite aspect of roofing is TopSite (preventative maintenance).  It’s proactive; it educates people; it provides creative solutions for tough problems; it lengthens the life of a roof; and it keeps our customers dry.  It’s a great way for us to connect with our customers on a regular basis to ensure their needs are being met.
Fidel: I get to work outside and repair roofs as if they were mine! I make sure customers are satisfied with great work performance!
John: Knowing that I will always be able to provide for my family. There will always be roofs to repair and replace. And there’s tremendous satisfaction in providing a rock-solid product/service for the best possible value to our customers.
Kevin: I think it’s knowing that we are so specialized in each element of the commercial roofing process, from install, to repairs, to maintenance. And, of course, meeting people and educating them on the difference.
Michele: I love that we’ve continued our family’s business for 21 of the last 65 years! It’s gratifying to know our business keeps others doing their business.
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